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Raw Food Delivery FAQ

  • Do you deliver raw food?
  • Do I need to be there when I receive my frozen food?
  • What if I forgot to leave a cooler?
  • What type of insulated bags do you have available in case I do not have a cooler?
  • What if my raw food is not in good condition?
  • What if my raw food has been recalled?

    We deliver raw food, no problem! When preparing for the deliveries, we place all frozen food in a cooler to prevent it from thawing. However, once we make the delivery, you choose whatever method of storage for the time you are not there. We have some customers who place their own coolers outside, and some are present during the deliveries. We also have insulated bags in case you need some as well.

    No, you do not! Many of our customers have coolers waiting for our delivery drivers.

    There have been times when we have arrived and there was not a cooler on-site or a customer present. In a case like this, the driver contacts the customer, and dispatch will contact the customer via email and on the phone.

    We have an insulated envelope that is good for a single-use that costs $2.00. We also have an insulated bag that is $5. We also have an ice pack available for $2.00. Click here for our prices.    

    Good question! We have a return policy that if you are ever unsatisfied with your product for whatever reason, you can return it to us for a full refund. We need the original packaging and more than 50% of the food in its original packaging. Either return it to the store or leave it out for us to pick up. We will then issue you full credit. If you have any questions about our return policy, click here.

    If your food has been recalled, you can return it to us for a full refund. As long as it is in the original packaging, please leave it at the front step or return it to the store.